About Leo

Master Chef Leo is from St. Gallen, Switzerland. This is where he started his career at the Hotel Hecht as an apprentice chef. Then he did a stint in the Swiss Army where he learnt “a completely different way of cooking”. After the army he went to hotel school and learnt kitchen administration and food control.

Leo first came to Australia when he was working for the Swiss Atlantic Shipping Line back in 1978. He was so impressed by what he saw he came back and settled for good. He commenced work at the Cambridge Inn then moved to Brandys Restaurant at Hurstville in Sydney where he stayed for three years as head chef. From there he moved to Sydney Tower Restaurants where he was employed for 9.5 years – the first 8 months in the capacity of sous chef and was then promoted to executive chef.

Leo ventured into a partnership (the Ritz Hotel in Hurstville) where he operated an outdoor cafe, a-la carte and fine dining restaurants. He bought Stapletons Restaurant in 1995 created a comfortable homely atmosphere. The menu incorporates some of Leo’s Swiss style home cooking dishes and of course the steaks are still the best in the Shire.

Leo is a train and photography enthusiast. Check out some of his best photos HERE! on Flickr.


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